REDS was created in 2009 by Lynne Cannon and Stefano Turk.

They both have long experience in apparel business.

Lynne was product manager for PEPE JEANS in London, while Stefano initially worked in his family company which owned and operated Kings Shop in Cortina Italy, the first jeans and casual store in Italy and later held roles in various Italian brands

Later they established RED5 SRL, a consultancy company operating at different degrees in the garment business and over the years they have collaborated both with denim brands and fabric developers.

So the idea to establish their own brand came naturally.

In 2011 Luca Fuso joined the venture acquiring 50% of the brand, bringing his experience in several industries to give a wider development to the business.

Reds is the ideal expression of our passion and taste.



REDS is a way to wear casual clothing but at the same time being elegant and stylish.

The emphasis is on the materials; most of the fabrics are made on exclusive design or selected from the best manufacturers. The same applies to trims and accessories.

While the roots are obviously in the past, we like to think about ourselves as a contemporary and modern brand.

We respect what has been done before and we use it as inspiration, giving our own personal touch.

Having style is not to have a single defined look, but give your own interpretation to many different influences.

We give particular attention to the craftsmanship of our garment. We believe a garment is good when you feel comfortable in it and so how a garment is made is fundamental.

It is the function creating the esthetic.

Our suppliers are located mainly in Italy but we also utilize offshore resources. All our suppliers share our ideas in terms of respect of workers and respect of the environment. When we produce offshore it is for the quality of manufacture.

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